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Aquaculture Considered as a one of the fastest growing Sector in the Worldwide as well as in India too. Aquaculture is most profitable and income generating farming sector in agricultural activities. The major constrains in the success of aquaculture are as follows:- Most of the farmers are not practicing the proper fertilizer application, species combination, proper stocking density, no proper feeding strategies, poor farm management, disease outbreak etc. Understanding the practical problems in ground levels of Eastern Part of India….Embryo launched a separate division for Aquaculture Research & Development named as “AQUATICAA”. This will enables the farming community to achieve economic self-sufficiency by optimum use of the resources available in a sustainable manner through scientific training with all kinds of inputs supply. Fish plays a major role in the diet of people for Eastern region of India and nutritional security in general and as a source of livelihood to a large number of rural people, in particular. To meet the ever-increasing demand for animal protein, aquaculture continuously requires new techniques in order to increase the production yield. Realizing the importance of the aqua sector “AQUATICAA” has launched many wings such as….

  1. Aqua Feed – Floating, Sinking, Hatchery & Liquid Feeds are available.
  2. Aqua Feed Supplements – Zeolite, Vitamin & Minerals, Sanitizer, Yeast, Yucca Products etc.
  3. Aqua Feed Ingredients – De oiled Rice Bran (DORB), Master Oil Cake (MOC), Ground Nut Oil Cake (GNOC), Cotton Seed Cake, Soyabean Meal, Fish Meal etc.
  4. Chemicals – Potassium Permanganate, Copper Sulphate, Bleaching Powder, Formalin, Methylene Blue, Malchite Green etc.
  5. Fish Nutrition – Enzymes, Amino Acids, Cod Liver Oil, Fish Oil, Chlorine Chloride etc.
  6. Aqua Engineering – Aerators, Blowers, HDPE lining sheet etc
  7. Seed Supply – All kinds of fish, Prawn & Shrimp seeds are available.
  8. Soil & Water Testing Kit – All kinds of water and soil quality analyzer available.
  9. Consultancy – Provide all kinds of technical supports on fish farming, Shrimp Farming, RAS System development, Integrated Farm etc.

Embryo offers a broad spectrum of animal health care world class products and best technical services to meet the specialized needs of Veterinarian’s hospitals, Universities, Research facilities, Aqua Farmers, Private Entrepreneurs etc. Our highly skilled staffs & technical experts are committed to provide you personalized services at any point of time.
"Grow with Embryo for Better Lives & Better Nutrition”.

Our vision is to forge trusting relationships with the animal health care communities that are both mutually beneficial and meaningful for betterment of the society.

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